Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner ®

Release limitations & create more ease in your life.

32 points on the head that when gently touched simulates the release of what is holding you stuck in place and creates ease and space for you to truly receive and become more of you. 

Common results:

  • Calms and reset the nervous system

  • Feeling a greater sense of ease and joy 

  • Decrease anxiety and depression

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What is Access Bars®

Getting your bars run is the hands on practice of Access Consciousness®.

As a practitioner, I gently touch 32 points on your head, activating the effortless releasing of anything that is holding you back from receiving. 

Access Bars is here to create more for you and therefore more for the world! Expanding your awareness, increasing your ability to receive, and letting go of judgements, perspectives, and limitations that are holding us back from physical, mental, emotional, and soulful wellbeing and greatness!

Access Bars has many benefits including;

  • Increase energy, mood, and sense of well-being!

  • Deeply relax and calm the nervous system

  • Reduces stress levels

  • Bring back or increase the capacity of joy in life

  • Deduce or eliminate anxiety and depression experiences.

  • Restores the ability to sleep well

  • Create possibilities in your life unique to you!

How Can I Work With You

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Is Access Bars right for me?


A desire to increase your wellbeing and joy in your life has lead you here to this page and therefore Access Bars is perfect for you!

Getting your bars run, is a form of energy work that allows your mind to calm and release points of view, objections, limitations, and judgements that are hold you in place. You are special, just being you here on this earth, and Access Bars is here to help you tap into more of the magic that is you!

Here are just a few reasons that bring people to get their bars run:

  • Feel overwhelmed and stressed

  • Feel stuck in life and/or work

  • Looking for alternative ways to heal their mind and body

  • Know that being happy is a birth right, but struggle to find it within

  • Know there is more for them in life, but can't quite connect and achieve it

  • Done with being caught up in their head

  • Seeking alternative therapy to anxiety, depression and related issues. 


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What would if feel like to release thought, feelings and emotions that limit you?

- Access Consciousness
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Access Bars® Sessions

Helping you create more ease in your life!


Mind Body Soul

FST and Access Bars

2 hours session!

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More from Akeisha

Gentle, non invasive approaches to creating more possibility for you!

About Akeisha

Always looking for the magic and joy in life!

From the outside life always looked good, but I struggled with feeling inadequate, achieving my goals and feeling like I had something to offer the world, but no clue what! 


Then a friend introduced Access Bars to me. That kickstarted a series of events that would take me into personal training, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Emotion Code Healing, endless hours of self development and now a certified Access Bars Practitioner.

If I know one thing in life, you are a magical human and you deserve all that life has to offer!  

It's a joy and honour to be able to support, assist, and guide someone towards their potential and beyond through the various modalities I work with!

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Client Highlight:

Jim, has been a FST client of mine for a few years. When he found out I got my Bars certification it was a busy day at the office and his stress levels were running aggressively high! 

He started his sessions with, "I don't know if I'll be able to calm down today, good luck with stretching this out." 

To that I asked if he'd like to end his session with 15 minutes of Bars?

The following week, he mentioned how his day totally turned around after that session. He was amazed even during all the crazy at work, he could stay calm, how he wasn't getting triggered. He also noticed how his stress levels throughout the week had significantly decreased. 

NEW Mental Health Access


Our global climate has created a lot of unrest, instability, and troubling times for many. Access Bars is a gentle and non invasive way to reduce stress and anxiety, helping you clear your head, calm your nervous system and support your overall wellness. 

Mental Health Support Access - access your session

Opening up time slots to support those that may not have the financial means or recently lost their jobs. These sessions are by donation and limited to certain days and time slots. 

Support Fund - support today

Support your fellow humans by donating to the support fund that will allow me to offer full sessions free of charge to our community. Contributing, supports someone who may not otherwise have the means to access support they require and align with for various reasons they may be facing. These sessions will not only help the person but create more for the world at large.

Feel the support fund maybe something you require? I'll be releasing sessions as they become available on my Instagram and Newsletter


Want more info? Check out some of these awesome videos plus studies and article that showcase the benefits of Access Bars® in regards to anxiety and depression