Bring the

Stretch Home

Free up the body!

Learn how to stretch with ease, develop effective cueing, and gain valuable knowledge about your body. 

Keeping the body moving is key to a healthy mind, body, and spirt but often times are bodies are holding on to WAY to much UNNECCESSARY tension!

I've heard the frustrations...

"I'm just so tense when I stretch"

"I forget what you said when I saw you last"

"I don't like going to yoga, but know I need to stretch"

and clients have said....

"can I just have you in my back pocket or ear while I do this at home?" 

"can you make a mini video telling me what to do?" 

Well your wishes have come true!

My NEW private Instagram account is just that! 

Learn how to

- stretch with ease

-develop effective cueing

-gain valuable knowledge about your body 

My goal is to empower you with simple actionable tips and tools to effectively stretch anywhere you go! 

I break it down for you with over 15 different stretches. 

I also guide you through easy to follow quick stretch flows to get the body going!

Wait there's MORE!

What to think 

Learn how what you think can change how your body feels during a stretch.

 about the nets

Visual references of the nets helps build a more connected approach to stretching.

Strong Nets

The nets also want to be strong. I show and guide you through simple strength exercises and give you easy to follow cues so that you can do them right!

Fun facts

Fun facts about the body that will change how you view your body in the best way!

Langley and the Vancouver Area

B.C, Canada

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