Covid-19 - Keeping you safe while providing the magic of FST

If you are interested in booking a session, yet would prefer to wait a bit, please let me know so I can plan and let my locations know my approximate schedule. 

 Langley: limited appointments available through the Sports Medicine Clint online booking (more info to come) 

 Vancouver: Until June sessions will take place at my home. Please contact to book. 

 Online guided stretches still  available. 

 Limited at home bookings for Langley and Vancouver available (only available Thursdays - Saturdays)

What am I doing to keep us safe! short of a hazmat suit!

- Both parties will follow the health check list. 

If you have to cancel due to not passing this, no cancelation fee will be applied. 
Health check in/passport

  • Have you been sick in the last week?

  • Do you have any symptoms?

  • Does anyone you have had contact with have any symptoms?  

- Both Parties wear masks at all times while seeing each other

- Minimum 15 minutes between clients

- Full clean of table, space, washrooms, surfaces you might touch, personal 
towel for use of washroom 

- Fresh T-shirt change per client

- Hand & Arm wash protocol before seeing you

- Touchless entry into my space 

- limited number of clients seen in a day 

- follow any other protocols set out by gyms and clinics/offices I serve out of


- Coming soon touchless thermometer - make sure we are healthy 

Any concerns or questions you have for me please please feel free to connect!

Langley and the Vancouver Area

B.C, Canada

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