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What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Get relief from recurring pain and tension, improve mobility and feel energized!

Pain free stretching that moves your body out of tension and into more mobility!

  • Decrease tension and recurring aches and pains.

  • Calm and reset the nervous system.

  • Get back the movement you’ve lost.

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What is Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)?

What is Fascia?

Your fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and weaves through your entire body: including muscles, bones, joints, and organs. The structure of your fascia directly impacts everything you do. From your posture to your daily movement patterns. 


Poor fascia structures can result in poor movement abilities and pain! When one area of the fascial system is affected, because it is interconnected to all areas of the body, you can experience pain in different ways and parts of your body.

FST is,

an assisted, one-on-one, table based approach to stretching.


With FST, I focus on creating space for your joint capsules. Working with and from the awareness of our fascial nets (which hold your muscles like a sling), I move your  body in ways that promote the tissues to deeply relax, unwind, and unstick itself so that the muscles and surrounding tissues can activate/move with ease. 

FST has shown to effectively;

  • Release tension, aches and pains. 

  • Promote muscle recovery.

  • Reduce the effects of chronic issues.

  • Promote and increase range of motion and alignment.

  • Increase performance ability

  • Increase energy, mood, and sense of well-being!

What to expect?


We will work off a massage table with stabilization straps. Your session will consist of assisted stretches where we’ll focus on letting go of excess tension and allowing the body to move freely. Since we’ll be moving the body, comfortable, stretchy clothing is recommended.

Get ready to feel that lighter, taller, looser feeling that all my clients consistently experience and love!

Why Stretch by Akeisha

Get a leg up on feeling good from head to toe! Literally!

  • Stretching already can feel tedious. With Stretch by Akeisha, I’ll make it enjoyable and painless

  • Working towards your specific needs, I’ll tailor each stretch to maximize our time together.

  • Feel supported and walk out feeling even more alive!  


Client Highlight:

Jenny, first came to me because months of inactivity and years sitting at a desk were starting to make simple tasks difficult.


Movements, such as simple yoga poses, she once felt confident in doing became a struggle.


Not able to get back to her regular feeling self on her own, she reached out for first session!


Immediately she noticed a difference and within a few sessions she was touching her toes, walking with reduced tension in her legs, and doing poses that she once thought would take months to get back to.


Now she’s on a monthly program, adding more activity to her week and even having her Pilates instructor commenting on the difference FST has made!


Feel more limber, calm and relaxed.
Most importantly, see results.

Add FST to your health routine, feel supported and liberate your body into even more movement!

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