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  • Stretch by Akeisha FST


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Stretch Therapy 
Access Bars Facilitator

 Improve the way you move, stretch deeper, and liberate your flexibility

Personalized stretch therapy and therapeutic options that help you move pain free. 


Support That Suits Your Lifestyle 

Suffering from tight or sore muscles?
Feeling run down? Injuries keep coming back?

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Stretch Therapy  is an effective way to reduce those tired and sore muscles and  accelerate your flexibility so you can get back to your daily life pain free!

You’ll experience assisted, table based stretches that focus on mobilizing the joint capsule and connective tissues to unstick and unwind the tissues that are preventing you from feeling and performing at your best!


When our body can recover faster from activities and daily life, we can experience more of what we enjoy! 

  • Releasing tension from overworked muscles

  • Increasing your range of motion

  • Correcting imbalances in the body, leading to a decrease in injury

  • Improving posture and full body alignment

  • Increasing your energy and overall sense of wellness!

Experience why high performance people and top athletes and performers in the NFL, NBA, UFC, NHL are putting Stretch Therapy in their recovery practice.


 “I sit a lot for work, so I see Akeisha weekly! I love how I feel the difference immediately. I’ve been able to work through stiff muscles I struggled with for years and feel like my body is way better at handling regular soreness from life's activities!”

Davin - Analysis

 “I woke up this morning without any struggle to stand straight and tall, and my workout felt so efficient and symmetrical. Something I haven’t felt in a long time. I feel like I'm floating!"

Tatiana - Dance Instructor

Dive Deeper With More By Akeisha

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Learn how to improve flexibility and improve the well being of your body!

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Events + Offers

Classes, Workshops, Online Guides

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FREE guides and learning tools to help improve your mobility


Liberate Your Body & Feel The Difference

Feel the difference in just one session!

That lighter, taller, less tense version of you awaits!

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