Akeisha, Fascial Stretch Therapist in Vancouver, BC

Create space for you and your potential

I move you towards how you want to feel and perform in life. 


Move past sore and achy muscles and joints, rehab from injuries quicker, and keep your body in the best shape it can be. 

Your body is adaptable. I’ll help you  unstick the stuck areas, improve your range of motion, and you’ll walk out feeling like you’re walking on a cloud!


Why Stretch by Akeisha

I see your potential! I see you feeling young well into your 90’s. I see you springing out of bed in your 60’s. I see you active, flexible and feeling like you and your body can get up to anything you dream up! 


A chronic sore neck and relentless tight hips are a thing of the past! 


You might be thinking, “Yah right, Akeisha, I’ve never sprung out of bed.”


It’s possible, my clients are proof of the possibilities FST and the various training and knowledge I accumulate can have. 


I’ve worked hard at overcoming my own injuries and imbalances that stem from years of dance and physically demanding jobs. I can relate to that feeling of nothing really working. FST was a significant factor in getting me back to my potential faster than any previous therapist imagined!


Fusing my dance training, FST, and fitness knowledge into an experience that promotes resistance and pain free movement! 


We’ll work together to maximize your physical activities and overall wellness!

(don’t worry no previous dance experience needed)

How Can I Help?

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What Clients Are Staying

" I felt like my legs and low back were stuck. To most people my flexibility fine, but Akeisha knew that my normal had more range of motion to it. After our session I could get my legs higher without any discomfort. I felt the freedom in my body again! "

—  Fiona, Professional Dancer

Akeisha's Story

"Just like that in 2 months, I reversed 10 years of pain!" 

In 2017, I was at my wit's end with chronic low back, quad, and deep psoas pain. As a professional dancer, coming out of an intense 4 year training program, I felt like my career was over before it even started. 


I could see my abilities going down each and every season! I didn’t want to become another story of,

“I got injured and I’ve never been the same.” 


At this point I’d done all that I could:

  • Weekly Physio , where I was  hooked up to stim machines, in and out within 30 minutes with the “see you next week.”

  • Massage Therapy, where the pressure would cause more tension and pain then I'd walk in with. That quick pain relief felt great that day, but didn’t last very long.

  • Pilates, to work on deep core strength.


All these modalities were good at relieving some of the pain for a moment, but I was tired, frustrated and I felt like I was going back time and time again without seeing or feeling significant results! 

That’s when I found Fascial Stretch Therapy. For the first time, I was stretching and working my body through movement that once caused me tear jerking pain! 

I was hooked! I started asking myself what would it take to be able to dance, move, and live life the way I desired! 


I knew I needed two things:

  1. To not be in constant pain, discomfort, or holding excessive tension. 

  2. A strength routine that could help me regain the strength I’d lost. 


Both of these are important, as I found more release, I knew I needed to create the strength to support the movement I’d gained or gotten back!


And just like that in 2 months, I reversed 10 years of pain! 


Gone were the days of feeling stuck and in constant pain. 

I was finally able to:

  • Reprogram movement patters 

  • Crush my gym program

  • Get back into the studio and back on stage!



Everything else in my life was so much easier to accomplish and work out. Plus with each stretch the results lasted way longer and compounded over time! 


I knew that I needed to help people rediscover their potential! And FST is basically a stretch dance with another person's body, which is 100% my jam!