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 A Date With Your Fascia 

A NEW Series - Designed to help you EXPAND into more possibilities!

Where my passion for working with the fascial nets can mix and mingle with traditional stretches and strength training. Have a dances with movement/dance tools I've learnt, and blend magically with my unique take on it all, allowing you to create a:

  • dynamic

  • empowering

  • expansive experience through life! 

Acces all of Date With Your Fascia Vol. 1

Purchase all 6 classes for $39

Join me for 45 minutes as we connect to the awareness of our Fascial nets and experience a stretch class that will leave you released and ready to take on the day and week ahead! 

A DATE WITH YOU FASCIA  allows us to connect with the very aspect of our bodies that connects with everything in our bodies! The fascia is always in motion, it is always communicating, and it is always creating space as it glides and slides.


During a date with your fascia stretch classes you will learn how to:

  • create space in the body to stretch with ease

  • increase your connective awareness

  • increase your posture

  • reduce tension 

  • decrease aches and pains

  • feel energized 

All while flowing through traditional common stretches in a whole new way!

Who is this class for?

- If you identify with being moderately active and/or who could follow along in a Advanced Beginner to Advanced Yoga Class!

- If you are seeking different ways to approach the body. 

- If you feel tight even when your stretching, that getting to that released state is hard and difficult! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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