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Learn How To Stretch Without Pain!

Discover How To Increase Your Mobility Without The Struggle!

Release the stress and tension you feel and

be empowered with tools to transform your body!


"I'm just so tense."

"I feel like everything I do causes me to tense up."

"I don't like going to yoga, but I know a need to stretch."

"I just want to feel good."

Say HELLO to 

"I've never felt that good"  & "this feels great" 

We have all been told we that stretching is good for us!

Stretching allows the body to stay limber, keeps the body flexible, and helps decrease those aches and pains we feel.

But what if stretching isn't easy for you?


When you do stretch, you don't feel that much of a difference?

Say good-bye to your painful stretching days!

Release the stress and tension you feel and be empowered with tools to transform your body!

  • Learn simple tools and knowledge that will increase your range of motion and decrease the tension you feel. 


  • Start practicing the tools in different stretches and flows to increase your body's ability to move with ease!


  • Be EMPOWERED whenever and wherever you stretch. 

What You’re Getting Inside The Stretch Insider by Stretch By Akeisha:


Everything You Need To Know About Stretching Without Pain!


  •  24/7 INSTANT and Lifetime Access (including all updates)

  • Step-by-Step breakdown of different stretches & flows

  • Simple Fascia knowledge to increase the stretch without pain

FST post .png

I break it down for you with over 15 different stretches. 

I also guide you through easy to follow quick stretch flows to get the body moving!

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Why Your Body Deserves The Best When It Comes To How You Stretch!

  • Did you know the average person spends 10hrs a day sitting. Creating a sore, tight, achy body which isn’t helping you.

  • Your body is designed to move with ease!

  • If you are going to stretch or desire to get back into it, do it with tools that are designed to release more tension and allow the body to move more freely!

  • You DESERVE to move without any discomfort!




I've been doing these every night since my appointment with you and I can feel things loosening up for sure.

A fantastic tool for all movers. It's helped me go deeper into my body and feel more. Similar stretches with new and innovated ways to cue and visualize the stretch.


That side stretch. I feel like my flight home is going to be relaxing after that!


How Much Is It To Sign Up?

Many people make the mistake of thinking their bodies are

“just too tight” and that “nothing is going to help them,” they have essentially “tried everything.”


...and not all of us want to take a yoga class...


The next mistake is looking to others for a quick fix. 


I totally understand, I struggled for years with excess tension and desired a release from years of wear and tear on my own body! 


The biggest lesson I learnt was how the mind affects the body and how our systems are designed to work for us! Our bodies want us to move with freedom! 


It was when I started using my dance movement tools with my fascial training that I began to move without pain, feel lighter, and be able to tap into the tools anywhere and anytime. This has created long lasting results. 


Creating an easy and accessible way to stretch is key to keeping the body moving! 


A few stretches with the right tools and a bit of body awareness = massive impact and movement gains! 


Discover More FREEDOM

for one payment of $49.99 

You Will Never Stretch

The Same Way Again!


About Akeisha

A  Fascial Stretch Therapist, Dancer, and Strength Trainer. Akeisha is passionate about helping you create more freedom in your body and accessing the possible. Movement doesn't need to be hard or strenuous if you have the right tools! 

My goal is to empower you with simple actionable tips and tools to effectively stretch anywhere you go! 

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