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Rates & Services

Please email me to find out where I am and what my availability is for taking clients!

Since I am no longer seeing clients in BC, Canada, please feel free to book with the following practitioners! 

They are all amazing humans that I have personally been stretched by and LOVED every minute of it!

FST in Vancouver

Carla is a Personal Trainer and FST practitioners. Works out of The Firm Athletica in Vancouver.

Jordan is a Kinesiologist and Level 3 FST practitioner. Works out of The Firm Athletica in Vancouver and does house calls on the North Shore.

Access Bars in Vancouver

Search practitioners in your area!

Everyone is simply WONDERFUL. Here are some of my favourite people to do bars with are Gui, Nihan, Kimberly, Shawna (Chilliwack), Alejandra.

Build Consistency and feel the results. Regular stretches will increase and help with;

  • The longevity of your stretch results

  • Maintaining happy and healthy fascia

  • Your bodies ability to recharge and relax quicker

  • Neuromuscular connection and performance

  • Decrease emotional tension and stress

  • Promote alignment and coordination


Designed for you if you resonate with any of the following:

  • Are working out on a regular basis and FST is your way to keep the fascia happy

  • Tend to feel stressed from work and life. 

  • Want that hour where it’s all about you and your needs!

  • Are working from home or in the office and want to keep those shoulders and hips happy.

  • Have a grueling physical activity? Fascial stretch therapy is fast becoming the trend for professional athletes with felt results instantly!

  • Simply want to keep feeling good and alive!

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