Corporate Stretch

the company perk your employees will love!


Our duo team of certified Fascial Stretch therapists will come to your office and set up tables in a designated open space large enough for 2 massage tables.

Our promise to you is to support your core value of balance in and out of the workplace by having more employees participating in company incentives.



2 Fascial Stretch Therapists onsite performing 30 min sessions on a massage table stretching up to 20 employees each visit.

Tips on Proper desk setup, desk stretches/tip, and tips we want to share with your employees.

Experience what Stretch Therapy can do for you and your team today!

Book a complimentary Demo Day at your office, to see if we are a fit for you and your team!

Please contact Carla, my amazing Stretch Partner at Your Peak Fitness carla@yourpeakfitness